Paul Verbylo


Meet Paul Verbylo - CFCV’s most improved athlete in 2017.

Paul grew up in a family that wasn’t active. Both of his parents had serious health issues and passed away at a young age. Paul smoked for 25 years, was overweight and led a sedentary lifestyle. He suffered from dyspnea, which made breathing difficult and was a sign of the possible onset of disease in his airways, lungs, or heart.

Paul wanted change but didn’t know where to start. He tried taking up tennis and running, became a member of 24-hour Fitness, watched YouTube videos to exercise at home, but struggled with consistency in all of his attempts. He decided to try group classes and stumbled upon CFCV. His first CrossFit class was in December 2016. He had no idea what CrossFit was when he started. Although he remembers feeling very sore the first few weeks, he had a clear vision of his goal and was not going to give up. After a few weeks, he began to lose weight and the soreness subsided. 

Paul said that CrossFit has changed his life in so many ways. He is 24 pounds lighter and feels “outstanding.” His friends and family have noticed his weight loss and have commented on his new look and muscularity. In his own words, he said, “I almost never become tired in my everyday life.” He equates it to the awesome powerful feeling of driving a sports car. 

In addition to the physical changes, he is much more confident and noticed a shift in his interests to weightlifting, gymnastics, and the Strongman Competition. He has not only stopped smoking but rarely consumes alcohol. Not because he made a conscious decision to eliminate alcohol, but because he said he no longer enjoys it. Paul’s friends and family are in awe of his changes - they had become so accustomed to seeing him with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. More significant is the way it has changed his relationship with his 13-year-old son, Anton. His transformation inspired Anton to start CrossFit with him. They now have a stronger, closer relationship, workout together, and enjoy some healthy competition during the class. 

At CFCV, we are honored to have coached Paul through his amazing transformation and are excited to see how much more he evolves in 2018. Clearly, he is one of CFCV’s greatest role models - a true testament to change.

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Beth Curtis


I started working out at Crossfit Crescenta Valley about 9 months ago. This was early on in my "lifestyle change" journey.  The coaches and community at CFCV have played a HUGE role in my progress. At this point, I have lost over 60 pounds and gained a lot of muscle and a TON of confidence!! A year ago I was overweight and struggling to keep up with my two little boys. Today, I can easily keep up with my kiddos and, thanks to CFCV, I have learned new, fun skills like rope climbing and double under jump roping (two things I have never in my entire life been able to do!). 

The two things that make CFCV successful (in my opinion) are the coaches and the community. Vaz and his team of coaches are incredibly patient, talented, and experienced teachers. They work with you throughout the process, encourage you, and are always willing to modify the workout to fit your individual needs. The community here is incredible. I have never found a gym that feels like a family. Everyone is so encouraging and accepting. It makes working out fun, while also providing some accountability (you are not a nameless face here - people will notice when you miss a workout and send some encouragement your way!). 

CFCV has become a very important part of my day to day routine and my journey towards a healthy and satisfying life.

Natalie Butts

When Natalie first joined CrossFit Crescenta Valley, she started taking our CrossFit Elements classes, like many of our athletes. These classes focus on the core foundational movements of CrossFit. Natalie’s journey started December 2016 and she has remained committed, focused, and consistent to reach her fitness goals. Initially, performing basic fundamental movements such as the air squat, sit-up, and push-up were a challenge. With consistent practice and coaching, these movements have improved and enabled her to progress to more technical movements that will continue to challenge her fitness. She has since transitioned to taking the CrossFit All Level classes to get her closer to her goal.


Dr. Edmund Lew

I'm a busy practicing physician in Glendale who was looking for a gym where I could reach my peak strength, endurance and flexibility. At CVCF, I found much more:  knowledgeable, experienced trainers who drill proper techniques that allow me to body build safely and effectively.  An awesome diverse community of genuinely nice people who are fun and supportive.  Well designed workouts that are always different, fun and challenging!  I love discovering  what my current mental and physical limits are and pushing through them!  It may sound strange, but this is the best stress reliever for me.  An added bonus has been going from a BMI in OBESE range to seeing my weight dip below my 30 yo wedding weight, and looking and feeling great wearing slim-fit clothing. 

Brabion Allahverdi

I was originally introduced to CrossFit in May 2014, but didn’t fully commit myself until May 2016 when I started to attend CrossFit Crescenta Valley. CrossFit isn’t easy; every single class I’ve attended has challenged me both physically and mentally and has pushed me to work harder than ever before. Coach Vaz and his team of professionals have gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best workout, every workout. Each class begins with the coach demonstrating the movements involved in the warm up, strength and metcon training. They watch all the athletes’ forms and fix them if necessary, making sure we don’t hurt ourselves.

At CFCV, good nutrition is always promoted. I personally love the Paleo diet, but I didn’t understand the importance of portion control until Coach Vaz took charge of my nutrition programming. He put me on an 8 week program, which included all my meals for every single day for those 8 weeks. With the combination of this challenge and daily WODs, I was able to drop 10.8 pounds of fat, 6.8% body fat and gained 0.5 pounds of muscle in just 8 weeks! Coach Vaz was very supportive and was always available to make adjustments to the meal plans if necessary.

When I first started, my goal was to lose weight and to look thinner. My progress is no longer measured by the numbers shown on the scale, but by the numbers on my bar; the amount I can clean, jerk and squat!

Without the help of Coach Vaz and his crew at CFCV, I would have never been able to reach my goals. I look forward all the goals I’ll be achieving in the near future. Everyone at CFCV is beyond encouraging and motivating, you won’t find a better group of people!


Ken Orr

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 1.36.14 PM.png

Fat, Skinny, Strong


I have just finished my first year at CrossFit Crescenta Valley. I'm in my 60's and had already

lost quite a bit of weight by dieting, but I could tell I was losing muscle mass fast. Age was

getting me. I was satisfied just being a skinny old guy, but came to CrossFit to add a little

muscle back on. It was not fun being weak and unable to enjoy activity with my family.


A skinny old guy with a little bit of strength? I've changed my goal. One year later, with the help

of Vaz and the coaches here, I am well on the way to being stronger as a 60+ man than ever

before in my life. I'm doing handstand push ups, Olympic-style weightlifting, doubleunder

jump ropes, pull ups, 24" box jumps, rope climbs, and more. I've learned that I can build strength as

an older guy as well as I could when I was younger. I just had to work at it. And it has been

great exercising alongside younger men and women. The mix of ages and community makes

the workouts a challenging pleasure.


On a recent two month nutrition challenge I lost an overall 10 pounds of weight, gaining 2

pounds of muscle and losing 12 pounds of body fat. I had already been doing CrossFit and so

my body fat percentage was at 19%, but I went down to 12%. I lost 2 inches off my waist. I feel



Strengthening and helpful nutrition challenges have set me on a course to enjoy an active life.

Thanks, Vaz and our great coaches Chona, Andrew. You guys are fantastic!


By Ken Orr

Chona Navarro


When I started CrossFit, I felt I had an active lifestyle and thought I was relatively fit.  My first class turned out to be a humbling experience!  So, I decided to focus less on how I thought I was performing and commit to showing up at least three times a week.  With the support of Coach Vaz and his coaching staff, my focus naturally shifted to performance.  Seeing and feeling positive results more quickly than I thought gave me momentum and I began to eat clean to get the most of out the workouts.  Now a year later, the strength I’ve gained has exceeded my expectations.  I can dead lift double my weight, and my greatest sense of accomplishment (so far) comes from being able to do pull-ups and handstand pushups.  No other form of exercise or fitness program has produced these results for me.  I feel better about my health than I’ve ever felt and continue to push myself further because of the positive environment and encouragement of other athletes at CrossFit Crescenta Valley.