Motion Provokes Emotion

We are always looking for motivation to do things that we don’t always enjoy doing, like working out! We may listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos,  or read books to inspire us. We can get easily motivated by what we read or watch, but it just doesn’t seem to last long enough to keep us consistent. So how does one stay motivated? One thing that has worked well for me is reversing the order of motion (exercise) and emotion (motivation). I started moving to get motivated.

How does this translate to our classes at the box? Don’t wait to feel motivated. Take an active part in your own motivation. Get to class and use the movements in the warm-up to motivate you. The focus of our warm-ups is to bring your core temperature up and get your endorphins going. Moving your body alongside your team will motivate you to push through a class you may have dreaded. Visualize your goal. Ask the Coach for more guidance or scaling options if needed. But whatever you do, just MOVE. The motivation will follow.

Need help getting to class? Set up your support system. Ask another gym or family member to be your accountability buddy and keep each other accountable to your commitment.


Keep moving!

Coach Vaz