Paul Verbylo


Meet Paul Verbylo - CrossFit Crescenta Valley most improved athlete in 2017.

Paul grew up in a family that wasn’t active. Both of his parents had serious health issues and passed away at a young age. Paul smoked for 25 years, was overweight and led a sedentary lifestyle. He suffered from dyspnea, which made breathing difficult and was a sign of the possible onset of disease in his airways, lungs, or heart.

Paul wanted change but didn’t know where to start. He tried taking up tennis and running, became a member of 24-hour Fitness, watched YouTube videos to exercise at home, but struggled with consistency in all of his attempts. He decided to try group classes and stumbled upon CFCV. His first CrossFit class was in December 2016. He had no idea what CrossFit was when he started. Although he remembers feeling very sore the first few weeks, he had a clear vision of his goal and was not going to give up. After a few weeks, he began to lose weight and the soreness subsided. 

Paul said that CrossFit has changed his life in so many ways. He is 24 pounds lighter and feels “outstanding.” His friends and family have noticed his weight loss and have commented on his new look and muscularity. In his own words, he said, “I almost never become tired in my everyday life.” He equates it to the awesome powerful feeling of driving a sports car. 

In addition to the physical changes, he is much more confident and noticed a shift in his interests to weightlifting, gymnastics, and the Strongman Competition. He has not only stopped smoking but rarely consumes alcohol. Not because he made a conscious decision to eliminate alcohol, but because he said he no longer enjoys it. Paul’s friends and family are in awe of his changes - they had become so accustomed to seeing him with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. More significant is the way it has changed his relationship with his 13-year-old son, Anton. His transformation inspired Anton to start CrossFit with him. They now have a stronger, closer relationship, workout together, and enjoy some healthy competition during the class. 

At CFCV, we are honored to have coached Paul through his amazing transformation and are excited to see how much more he evolves in 2018. Clearly, he is one of CFCV’s greatest role models - a true testament to change.

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