Beth Curtis


I started working out at Crossfit Crescenta Valley about 9 months ago. This was early on in my "lifestyle change" journey.  The coaches and community at CFCV have played a HUGE role in my progress. At this point, I have lost over 60 pounds and gained a lot of muscle and a TON of confidence!! A year ago I was overweight and struggling to keep up with my two little boys. Today, I can easily keep up with my kiddos and, thanks to CFCV, I have learned new, fun skills like rope climbing and double under jump roping (two things I have never in my entire life been able to do!). 

The two things that make CFCV successful (in my opinion) are the coaches and the community. Vaz and his team of coaches are incredibly patient, talented, and experienced teachers. They work with you throughout the process, encourage you, and are always willing to modify the workout to fit your individual needs. The community here is incredible. I have never found a gym that feels like a family. Everyone is so encouraging and accepting. It makes working out fun, while also providing some accountability (you are not a nameless face here - people will notice when you miss a workout and send some encouragement your way!). 

CFCV has become a very important part of my day to day routine and my journey towards a healthy and satisfying life.

Vaz Dera