Brabion Allahverdi


I was originally introduced to CrossFit in May 2014, but didn’t fully commit myself until May 2016 when I started to attend CrossFit Crescenta Valley. CrossFit isn’t easy; every single class I’ve attended has challenged me both physically and mentally and has pushed me to work harder than ever before. Coach Vaz and his team of professionals have gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best workout, every workout. Each class begins with the coach demonstrating the movements involved in the warm up, strength and metcon training. They watch all the athletes’ forms and fix them if necessary, making sure we don’t hurt ourselves.

At CFCV, good nutrition is always promoted. I personally love the Paleo diet, but I didn’t understand the importance of portion control until Coach Vaz took charge of my nutrition programming. He put me on an 8 week program, which included all my meals for every single day for those 8 weeks. With the combination of this challenge and daily WODs, I was able to drop 10.8 pounds of fat, 6.8% body fat and gained 0.5 pounds of muscle in just 8 weeks! Coach Vaz was very supportive and was always available to make adjustments to the meal plans if necessary.

When I first started, my goal was to lose weight and to look thinner. My progress is no longer measured by the numbers shown on the scale, but by the numbers on my bar; the amount I can clean, jerk and squat!

Without the help of Coach Vaz and his crew at CFCV, I would have never been able to reach my goals. I look forward all the goals I’ll be achieving in the near future. Everyone at CFCV is beyond encouraging and motivating, you won’t find a better group of people!