Ken Orr

Fat, Skinny, Strong

I have just finished my first year at CrossFit Crescenta Valley. I'm in my 60's and had already lost quite a bit of weight by dieting, but I could tell I was losing muscle mass fast. Age was getting me. I was satisfied just being a skinny old guy, but came to CrossFit to add a little muscle back on. It was not fun being weak and unable to enjoy activity with my family.


A skinny old guy with a little bit of strength? I've changed my goal. One year later, with the help of Vaz and the coaches here, I am well on the way to being stronger as a 60+ man than ever before in my life. I'm doing handstand push ups, Olympic-style weightlifting, doubleunder jump ropes, pull ups, 24" box jumps, rope climbs, and more. I've learned that I can build strength as an older guy as well as I could when I was younger. I just had to work at it. And it has been great exercising alongside younger men and women. The mix of ages and community makes the workouts a challenging pleasure.


On a recent two-month nutrition challenge I lost an overall 10 pounds of weight, gaining 2 pounds of muscle and losing 12 pounds of body fat. I had already been doing CrossFit and so my body fat percentage was at 19%, but I went down to 12%. I lost 2 inches off my waist. I feel strong.

Strengthening and helpful nutrition challenges have set me on a course to enjoy an active life. Thanks, CrossFit Crescenta Valley community and our great coaches.


By Ken Orr

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