Sample Workout

Interested in becoming a member but want to learn more about our training methodology? Check out a sample day of CrossFit Crescenta Valley Class programming. Make sure to take advantage of our 5-day FREE Trial pass!


00:45 Seconds - Skip Rope
00:30 Seconds - Air Squats

00:45 Seconds - Row
00:30 Seconds - Ring Row

00:45 Seconds - Assault Bike
00:30 Seconds - Push-ups


1 Min - Foam Roll IT Band
1 Min - Foam Roll Thoracic Spine
1 Min - 5 PVC Pass Throughs + 5 Good Mornings


4 Sets Of:

10 Bench Press
10 DB Strict Press

Coaches Note: Increase weight for each set. Each set of 10 should be challenging. Do not sacrifice form for extra weight.


30, 20, 10 Reps For Time:

Med-Ball Cleans 20/14
Med-Ball Facing Burpees

Coaches Note: The goal for this workout is sub 10 minutes. Use lighter Medicine Ball to get all three sets unbroken. You may also scale the Med-Ball Facing burpees to regular burpees or down-ups. Again the goal is to do this workout unbroken. Communicate with your coach to scale any of the movements if needed.

Vaz Dera